Offers children free maths assistance during the summer

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Mathematical thinking is a puzzle that needs to be developed over time. But during the stress and pressure of the semesters, there isn't always an opportunity for reflection. We now offer a unique opportunity — free maths assistance during the summer for anyone who wants to try Albert. — It is free to try up until August 31, says Salman Eskandari, one of the founders.

There is a lot of research currently on how children learn mathematical thinking. It is a huge puzzle of different skills and abilities that connect to each other, and it is an important insight that it takes a very long time to learn mathematics and that it is complex.

The younger children mainly learn mathematics through play, and use skills they already have, such as counting things and sorting them. Play and exploration are important elements to get the younger children to develop their mathematical thinking, according to researchers at the University of Gothenburg.

Help as many as possible

This is something that the founders of Albert are set on. Right now we are offering a free membership during the summer. If you create an account today, your child will have the opportunity to try Albert for free until 31 August. No lock-in period, no notice period and no obligations.

Initially, Albert was offered to children between the ages of 11-17 years, but since the service and content have been developed, children are included right down to three years - as a more playful and game-inspired service.

- Since day one, our goal with Albert has always been to be able to help as many students in Sweden as possible. And we believe that it is important to help students at an early age to arouse interest in mathematics, says Salman Eskandari, one of the founders behind Albert.

Visible on the societal level

Albert is digital and available 24 hours a day. With the help of technology and pedagogy, we can give the child tasks in relevant areas and at different levels to suit each individual user. Over 200,000 families have already chosen Albert as their digital maths teacher.

— About 1.5 million children in Swedish schools can now get help around the clock, every day of the week during the summer via Albert. And it is completely free of charge. We are convinced that over time it will be visible in the results also at the societal level, concludes Arta Mandegari, one of the founders behind Albert.

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