About Albert

It all started when childhood friends Arta Mandegari and Salman Eskandari studied at Chalmers in Gothenburg. They volunteered evenings and weekends, offering free maths lessons to children from Gothenburg`s suburbs. After graduation, they chose different career paths in management and finance.

In 2015, they decided to pick up where they left off at Chalmers. They resigned from their jobs and threw themselves wholeheartedly into creating what would become Albert.

Albert was initiated with a distinct objective – to make knowledge accessible to all through technology. This continues to be our driving force. At present, over 500,000 families have chosen to explore a new and fun way of learning with Albert, a trust of which we are very proud.

Our values

We want to make a real difference

We take every opportunity to make a difference.Our purpose is to make it easier, more fun, and accessible to learn new things. No child should have to feel bad because of schoolwork.

We challenge old ways of thinking

We take every opportunity to further develop our service. Through Albert, children and young people get an alternative adapted to their own circumstances. Children are different and learn at their own pace in different ways.

We strive for continuous improvement

We are a young company that strives to work and deliver in a way that inspires. Everything to get the children as good as possible to experience Albert.

Our strength lies in our differences

We have a strong belief in diversity and that every individual should be allowed to be fully himself. You are welcome just as you are.