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If you have registered via the website, you can easily change your membership, for example, to upgrade to Plus, via the Parent Portal.

What to do:

1. Go to hialbert.co.uk

2. Select “Log in”

3. Select “Membership and Account”

4. Select “Change Membership” under “Manage Membership”

5. Choose the membership you want to switch to, and choose “Pay annually” or “Pay monthly”

If you’ve registered directly in one of our apps, your subscription will be managed by the App Store or Google Play. By logging into our website, you can easily see if your membership was created through the app or website.

If your subscription is managed by the App Store or Google Play, you’ll need to upgrade there instead. Follow the link to your app store below, for easy guidance.

Have you purchased through the App Store?

App Store

Did you purchase through Google Play?

Google Play

Oh, we think it is sad that you want to leave us. But we will of course help you to get a conclusion as smoothly as possible.

Note that our support has no manual handling when it comes to termination of membership. But, it's really super easy to do it yourself!If you have registered via the website, you can easily terminate the membership if you log in to our parent portal.

How to use:

1. Go to hialbert.co.uk

2. Select "Log in"

3. Go to "Membership and account" (under "Home" if you are using a smartphone or tablet, and under "Your membership" if you are logging in via a computer)

4. Select "End membership"

5. State the reason for the termination

6. Done!

A confirmation email will be sent to your email upon completion.

If you have registered directly in one of our apps, your subscription is handled by the App Store or Google Play. If you log in to our website, you can easily see if your membership is created through an app or website.

If the subscription is handled by one of the app stores, you need to sign up through their own infrastructures. Follow the links below for easy instructions for closing in each app store.

Have you purchased via the App Store?

Via the following link you can get a detailed description of how to close the account:


Have you purchased through Google Play?

Via the following link you can get a detailed description of how to close the account:

Google Play

You are always offered to try Albert for free when you register on our website. The time length of your trail period varies and is affected by the campaign that is live during your registration. You will need to cancel your subscription before your trial period ends should you not wish to continue using Albert after the trial period. Please note that you will be charged the original cost for your membership after the trial period has ended.

Should you however register your account directly in our app and not on our website, your membership will be handled by App Store or Google Play where their costs and terms also applies. Please note that the costs for purchased subscriptions via App Store and Google Play may differ from the costs for subscriptions purchased through our website. For more information relating to these terms and costs, you are referred to your application store or our app.

You can quickly and easily create an account via our homepage. You can also choose to create your account directly through the app; Albert Junior (for children between 3-9 years). When registering within the app, the subscription is handled by the App Store or Google Play. Please note that any offers may differ between website and app stores. We look forward to helping you with the maths!

If you have registered via the website, you will shortly receive a welcome email to your specified e-mail address. Then just download the selected app and start counting!

To become a member of Albert, you first need to choose which membership you want, then fill in your e-mail address, possibly the child’s mobile number (for text messages with the app’s download link), and card details. We always apply a free trial period, so you get to know the service. If you do not want to continue, you can easily cancel your subscription before the end of the trial period without a single penny being deducted!

Of course, we have no binding or notice period. Finish whenever you want!

When registering, create a profile for the child who will use Albert. This is so that you can follow the child's development and in the future receive personalized recommendations and content. You enter the child's name and age.

You can change or add more profiles under the heading "Manage profiles" which is in the menu when you log in to our parent portal (via our website). Note that you can only add more profiles if you have a Plus membership. But do not worry, you can easily upgrade your account in the parent portal!

You can easily reset your password by clicking on this link. Make sure you enter the correct email address / mobile number without spaces. It happens that the recovery email sometimes happens to end up in the trash, please look there if the email does not appear in the regular inbox.

Your username is the e-mail address/mobile number you entered when registering.

In Albert Junior, the app for children between 3-9 years, there are over 3200 exercises. In addition, there is lots of fun content such as game elements that appear between completed exercises.

In Albert, the app for children between 10-16 years, there are over 4800 exercises. In addition, there are around 270 animated video lessons that pedagogically explain everything from simpler to more advanced problems.

Of course, that's right! Albert is developed by experienced teachers, educators, and researchers, who have produced qualitative content following the British education system requirements. The content has since been broken down into smaller components to be more accurate and easier for you to tailor.

In Albert Junior, we talk about levels instead of year courses, as the individual development is in special focus. But in order for you as a parent to get an idea of your child's development, we can say that the different levels reflect grades 1, 2, and 3. As always in Albert and Albert Junior, the child's own conditions are what set the standard. It should be easy to go back and practice the basics, as well as challenge their knowledge at a higher level.

Oops! We really regret this. In order for us to fix the error, you need to give us more information:
- Briefly describe the problem
- What information does it apply to? Enter the ID number to the left of the exercise (in the case of Albert Junior) or send a screenshot of the exercise.

Thank you for helping us get better!

Oh no! It's never fun to hear that the app is causing troubles. But of course, that's what happens with technology. We work as fast as we can to create the very best product for you and your child. If you give us as much information as you can, we will investigate the problem as soon as possible and fix it.

Please contact us at support@hialbert.co.uk with the following information:

  • Brief description of the problem.

  • Which of our products do you have problems with, Albert Junior (3-9 years) or Albert (10-16 years)?

  • Model number of used device, (On Apple products you can see model number on the back and also in settings under "General - > About - > Model number" For Android devices, go to Settings under "About the phone" NOTE this may vary for different android units)- Which IOS / Android version was last installed on the device. (Can be found in settings for the device, in the same place for IOS / Android where you can find model numbers, for example)

  • Screenshot / movie where the problem appears.

It makes it easier if you give us as much information as possible. But if you do not have all the information, you are welcome to contact us with the information you have.

Common problems and answers regarding these

The app just stands and loads after login
Answer: Double check that you have not activated the parental lock on your device, if so, the problem should be solved by removing it.

Only half the task is displayed in the app
Answer: You are probably using an older version of an operating system that does not support the app's updates. See if it is possible to update your device to the latest version (you do this through settings) and test again!

I'm told I need to create a new user.
Answer: Before logging in to the app, you first need to register a user. You do this easily by logging in via www.hialbert.co.uk before you can create a new profile under "Manage profiles".

The text is too large in the app and I can not find any continue button.
Answer: You probably have a larger text set on your device. Change the text size in the device settings to fit the data to the screen.

My child has done all the tasks and now it does not work to start over.
Answer: No problem, contact our support and we will help you reset your account.

I can not log in to my account.
Answer: Make sure that the username is written correctly without any spaces before/after the address. Your username is the e-mail address you entered when registering.

Of course, it goes well! Just contact us at support@hialbert.co.uk and we will contact you and try to make Albert available to your students as soon as possible.

We have set a maximum limit of 48 hours during non-holiday weekdays. But, we will do our best to impress you with the response time!

We do not collect any sensitive information at all. When you register, you enter card information, which is handled securely via our Stripe business system and cannot be passed on. The business system is certified as PCI Service Provider Level 1, which is the highest level of certification available in the payment industry. All data is thus encrypted and according to EU standards. In addition to this, we collect your e-mail address to be able to share with us relevant information regarding your membership, as well as telephone numbers to be able to send an SMS with the app

For more information on this, please read our Privacy page.

Yes, if you are a minor, you need permission from your guardian to use Albert. By accepting the terms of use, we assume that the membership was created with the consent of a guardian.

Yes, of course you can have it. Email support@hialbert.co.uk and we will make an extract and send it to you. Please note that the waiting time for extraction of personal data can take up to 30 days.

Of course you can have it deleted. Email support@hialbert.co.uk and we will delete all your personal information. NOTE! Note that this means that your account will be terminated.

If you have questions about the app, you are welcome to contact us at support@hialbert.co.uk. If you have questions about your membership, you will find all relevant information if you log in to our parent portal via our website.

There are several differences between our memberships. To make it as clear as possible, we have listed the differences below:


  • 1 user

  • Albert Junior

  • This month's activity via email


  • 1 user

  • Albert Junior

  • Albert Code

  • Albert Geo

  • Detailed report for Junior maths


  • 4 users

  • Albert Junior

  • Albert Code

  • Albert Geo

  • Detailed report for Junior maths

The big difference is that with Standard or Plus membership you get greater insight into the child's development and access to all our products. The Plus membership also differs from the others in that it allows 4 users on the same account. Of course, Albert, regardless of membership, is a 100% ad-free service, with no binding or notice period!

You always have the right to cancel your purchase within 14 days of the date on which the contract was concluded. If you cancel your contract, you can notify Albert by sending an email to support@hialbert.co.uk and attaching your details in which the subscription is registered.