General Terms and Conditions

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These are our user terms and conditions, and you can also find our cookie policy here and our privacy policy here. It is important that you carefully read through this document as it not only explains your rights, but also a number of obligations that you have as a user. Our privacy policy describes how we process your personal data, how we protect it and who you can turn to if you have any questions about our personal data processing. Thanks for choosing to use our service!

Terms and Conditions

These user terms and conditions, including the privacy and cookie policies below ("The Terms and Conditions") were prepared by eEducation Albert AB, org. no. 559020-9093 ("Albert" or "we/us/our"). The Terms and Conditions apply to private individuals as well as legal entities ("the Customer" or "you/your/yours") which (i) registered you as a user on Albert's service, and/or some of Albert's applications (together known as "the Service"), or (ii) entered into a separate subscription agreement regarding the use of the Service. The Terms and Conditions as well as any separate subscription agreements constitute the entire agreement ("the Agreement") concluded between the Customer and Albert.

For customers under 18 years old:

If you are a Customer under 18 years old, both you and your legal guardian must consent to these Terms and Conditions on your behalf. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you as a guardian of a Customer under 18 years old confirm that you consent to the conclusion of the Agreement between Albert and the Customer. Albert reserves the right to contact the guardian to confirm that valid consent has been given.


The Service

The Service refers to Albert's digital learning platform, including all functionality, interfaces and content (including all text, music, images, films and underlying data and software) that Albert makes available from time to time through the Service on websites and through various applications. The Service may, on occasion, be provided free of charge. You can read more about the Service by visiting our website at

Albert reserves the right to freely change and update the Service at any point, which means, for example, that the content, structure, functionality and search system of the Service may be changed over time.

If you have not been notified of a change to the Service by Albert no later than one (1) month in advance and this significantly impairs your use of the Service (for example, if your teaching materials are completely removed from the Service), you have the right to terminate the Agreement and you can, in these circumstances, request a refund of any already-paid subscription fees up to a reasonable amount that corresponds to what remains of the current subscription period. You can only request a refund if you also terminate the Agreement (see the section on "Term of agreement, termination and suspension" for on how this works). If you continue to use the Service after a change has been made, it is assumed that you consented to the changes. In addition to what is stated above, you accept that you cannot claim any liability or raise any claims against Albert due to the Service being changed in the manner described above.

Use of the Service

To use some parts of the Service, a device that supports the operating system iOS 13.0, iPadOS 13.0 or later and Android 10.0 or later is required.

Discount codes and other prepaid offers

From time to time, codes, gift cards, prepaid offers and other similar offers that provide access to the Service (referred to as "Codes") will be provided or sold by or on behalf of Albert. If you use a Code to access the Service, you may notice that there are specific terms and conditions for the Code which may also cover the terms and conditions for your access to the Service. You hereby consent to follow all such specific terms and conditions which will be regarded as constituting a part of the Agreement between you and Albert.

Trial subscription

Occasionally, we, or someone on our behalf, may offer trials for parts of the Service for a period of time without the need for payment or at a reduced price (a "Trial Subscription"). The purpose of a Trial Subscription us for users to be able to try out the Service, or aspects thereof, for a limited period of time to gain an idea of the Service. Albert reserves the right to limit Trial Subscriptions and to withdraw or change a Trial Subscription at any point and without warning or liability to the greatest extent allowed under applicable laws.

For Trial Subscriptions, we require that you provide your payment details before the start of the Trial Subscription. When the Trial Subscription ends, we will automatically start charging you for the subscription from the first day after the end of the Trial Subscription on an automatic monthly basis. By providing your payment details and in connection with signing up to the Trial Subscription, you accept that we will charge you the fee for usage at the stated subscription fee. If you do not want to be charged, you must cancel the current paid subscription through your account's subscription page or delete your account before the Trial Subscription ends. This can be done 48 hours after creating an account. At that point, if you do not want to be charged on a recurring monthly basis, you must cancel the current paid subscription on your account's subscription page or by deleting your account before the end of the current payment period. The simplest way of cancel is by logging in to My Account with the login details sent to you by email when you set up your account or through an app store if the purchase was made through a third party. You can also contact customer support, and we will help you cancel your membership.


Intellectual property rights

The Service and all intellectual property rights pertaining to it belong to Albert and/or Albert's licenser. All rights that are not explicitly granted to the Customer under the Agreement are retained by Albert. The Agreement therefore does not involve any intellectual property rights or parts of such rights beyond the specified right of use in the Agreement being transferred to the Customer. This also means that you do not have the right to analyse, examine, change, copy, disseminate, sell or in any other intellectual property rights related manner make use of the Service, except for (i) what follows from this Agreement or urgent applicable legislation, or (ii) if you received previous written permission from Albert for such uses.


Albert hereby grants a non-exclusive right for you to use the Service during the agreement period (see the section on "Term of agreement, termination and suspension" on the agreement period) on the terms and conditions stated in this Agreement and with the rights and limitations that follow from you activating the Service. The license is granted to a specific, named person, or to a specific number of users in accordance with what was agreed in any separate subscription agreements or on the Customer's registration. The following terms and conditions also apply to private persons, including legal entities:

A) Private person

Users with a private subscription have the right to use the Service for private use. Each user account is personal and may not be shared with others. Access to the Service is obtained when registration has been completed and the Terms have been accepted. The Service is considered delivered when the Customer gains access to the Service after registration has been completed and the Terms have been accepted.

B) Legal entity

Users with subscriptions through a legal entity have the right to use the Service for the number of agreed users when signing any subscription agreements. The Customer is liable to Albert for ensuring that users adhere to this Agreement. Access to the Service is provided when registration has been completed, the Terms and Conditions accepted and the necessary information for access to the Service being provided on behalf of the Customer by the designated contact person by email. The necessary information for access to the Service shall be sent as soon as the contact details have been provided by the Customer and have been registered by Albert. The Service is considered as having been delivered once the details to access the Service have been sent to the Customer.

Use of the Service in schools

Content such a teaching materials, hints, text, image and film materials provided through the Service and which are produced by Albert can be freely used by schools that are Customers, and which pay for a licence per pupil and per teacher based on the number of pupils and teachers at the start of the school year or when the Agreement is concluded regarding the use of the Service. This means that teachers that are registered for the Service will be able to print and copy materials to use with their classes, and that pupils can use materials from the Service in group work and for school reports.

User content

You retain ownership of any intellectual property rights for content you may create using the Service and all feedback that you enter into Albert in another manner ("User Content"), however, by entering into this Agreement you grant Albert a non-exclusive licence to use such User Content for the further development and marketing of the Service, including the right to modify the User Content and to under licence this to third parties. You confirm and accept that this licence is retained even if the Agreement is terminated, regardless of the reason for this termination.


We or any of our partners may use your data for marketing purposes. This means that you may receive targeted adverts based on the information you provide. If you do not wish to receive direct marketing, you can contact us at and request that any direct marketing be stopped.


Agreement term and termination without specific grounds

This Agreement applies until it is terminated either by you or Albert. Both you and Albert have the right to terminate the Agreement and your use of the Service at any point without specific grounds. For the quickest and most flexible termination of the Services, Albert recommends that you cancel your membership on your account's subscription page by logging in to My Account with the login details sent you by email when you registered your account, through your app store if the purchase was made through a third party, or through Albert's customer support. For termination via email, it is important that our customer service can correctly identify the account to be closed. Therefore, we require you to provide the email address used to register your account. If you are unsure of the exact details your account was created with, please send possible options, and our customer support will help you. The Agreement and your right to use the Service ends when the next charge should be made.

Termination for breach of contract

Albert has the right to terminate this Agreement with immediate effect if the Customer breaches the Agreement in any material manner. You accept and confirm that you understand that you may be liable to compensate Albert for any damages Albert incurs as a result of a breach of contract, for example, if you use the Service in a manner contrary to the licence terms and conditions in "License and your rights as a user" or allow others to gain unauthorised access to the Service.

Temporary downtime

Occasionally, Albert may temporarily limit or suspend your access to the Service. This may, for example, involve Albert performing maintenance on the Service. Albert also has the right to block your access to the Service if you have or Albert has good reason to suspect that you have used the Service, its content or Albert's intellectual property rights in breach of these Terms and Conditions, or if you have breached the Agreement in another manner. If you do not pay your subscription fee on time, Albert also has the right to block your access to the Service until payment has been made.

No right to refunds

If you or Albert terminate the Agreement, or if Albert suspends you access to the Service in line with above, you accept that Albert, to the greatest extent permitted under applicable laws, is not liable and has not obligations to you and that Albert will not refund any fees that have already been paid, apart from in the circumstances stated in section "Service and payment".


In accordance with the Swedish Act on Distance Contracts and Off-Premises Contracts (SFS 2005:59) (the Act on Distance Contracts), you as a consumer have a 14 day right to withdraw from the day after the day was agreement for a subscription was concluded. If the Customer wants to exercise their right to withdraw within this time period, the Customer can cancel their subscription under My Profile and Payments.


The Customer has no right, without the consent of Albert, to delegate or transfer their rights or responsibilities under the Agreement. Albert has the right to transfer the Agreement or parts thereof, and Albert has the right to delegate some or all of its obligations according to the Agreement. You cannot transfer the Agreement or any parts thereof, and may not transfer or under licence your rights under the Agreement to any third party.


The Customer may not use the Service in breach of the Agreement or in breach of applicable laws and regulations.

The Customer undertakes to not disclose usernames and passwords to unauthorised parties and to ensure the documents containing usernames and passwords for the service are stored in such a manner that no unauthorised parties can gain access to them. The Customer shall immediately inform Albert if there is danger that an unauthorised party has gained knowledge of the Customer's passwords, or otherwise gained unauthorised access to the Customer's account. In cases where Albert can confirm that the Customer's username and password have been misused, Albert also has the right to provide the Customer with a new username and password.


Albert provides support for the Service via email, and we always strive to respond within 48 hours, even if we cannot guarantee that you will receive a response in that timeframe. Support is offered through If you want to cancel your subscription, you can do this on My Account, through your app store if the purchase was made through a third party, or by contacting customer support, and we will help you cancel your membership.


Communications from Albert to the Customer that are sent to the email address provided by the Customer shall be regarded as having reached the Customer 24 hours after the communications were sent. It is your responsibility to inform Albert if you need to change your contact details and Albert has the right to rely on the contact details provided by you when registering being correct.


Albert guarantees that Albert has the right to grant licences to the Service in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

Albert accepts no responsibility for any mistakes or deficiencies in the content of the Service or its availability, and you confirm that you understand that no software or digital services are entirely free from errors and that, for example, there may be bugs in the Service. Albert bears no responsibility for any damages, either direct or indirect, that occur as a result of using the Service, including any damages that occur as a result of the Service not being available in its intended manner, for example, when the Service is temporarily down or is disrupted.


Albert reserves the right to occasionally amend the Terms and Conditions. Communication of the changes will be shared on the Service website no later than 14 days before the changes come into effect, and the Customer may be informed via the contact details provided to the address provided within the same timeframe. The Customer is bound to the amendments as long as the amendments cannot reasonably be regarded as involving significant inconvenience for the Customer and Albert will inform you no later than 7 days after the receipt of communication if the upcoming amendments involve the immediate termination of the Service. The Agreement ceases to be valid as soon as Albert receives communication regarding termination.


Disputes owing to this Agreement between Albert and the Customer shall be resolved by Swedish general court under Swedish law.

If you are a consumer and have views or complaints about the Service, you can also turn to Citizens Advice. You can find more information about Citizens Advice at You can also contact Citizen Advice through the contact information below:

Citizen AdvicePostal address: Citizens Advice, 3rd Floor North, 200 Aldersgate, London, EC1A 4HD

Adviceline (England): 0800 144 8848

Advicelink (Wales): 0800 702 2020


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