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These are our terms of use and you can also find our cookie and privacy policy in separate links from the website. It is important that you read this document carefully as it describes your rights but also a number of obligations that you have as a user. In our privacy policy, we also describe how we process your personal data, what we do to protect them and where you can turn if you have any questions about our personal data processing. Thank you for choosing to use our service!


These terms of use including the privacy and cookie policy below (the "Terms") are established by eEducation Albert AB, org. No. 559020-9093, ("Albert" or "we/us/our"). The terms apply to you as an individual or legal entity ("Customer" or "you") who (i) registered as a user on Albert`s service, and/or in any of Albert`s applications (collectively "the Service"), or (ii) entered into a separate subscription agreement for the use of the Service. The terms and any separate subscription agreement together constitute the agreement (the "Agreement") concluded between the Customer and Albert.

For Customers under 18:

If you as a Customer are younger than 18 years, both you and your guardian must accept these Terms on your behalf. By accepting these Terms, you as the custodian of a Customer under the age of 18 confirm that you give your consent for the Agreement to be entered into between Albert and the Customer. Albert reserves the right to contact guardians to confirm that a valid consent has been given.


The Service

The Service refers to Albert's digital teaching service including all functionality, all interfaces and all content (such as: all text and music, all images and videos and all underlying data and software) which Albert makes sometimes available through the Service on websites and in various applications. Certain parts of the Service may be sometimes provided free of charge. You must pay for other parts of the Service to use them. The parts of the Service that are being called as 'Paid Service', will be available after the payment. The parts of the Service that do not require payment are called the 'Free Service'. You can read more about the Service by visiting our website www.hialbert.co.uk

The Service

Albert reserves the right to freely change and update the Service at any time, such as: the Service's content, structure, functionality and search system.
If an upcoming update to the Service has not been announced by Albert at least one (1) month in advance and it significantly impairs your benefit from the Service (e.g. your teaching materials are completely removed from the Service), you have the right to terminate the Agreement and if you also use the Paid Service, you can request a refund for your subscription fee up to a reasonable amount that corresponds to the remaining subscription period. You can request a refund if you also terminate the Agreement (see point 4 below). If you continue to use the Service after a change has been made, you will be deemed to have approved the change. In addition to the above, you agree that you cannot claim any liability or make any claims against Albert due to the Service is being changed as described above.

Codes and other prepaid offers

From time to time, codes, gift cards, prepaid offers and other similar offers that provide access to the Payment Service (hereinafter "Codes") may be provided or sold by or on behalf of Albert. If you use a Code to gain access to the Payment Service, you may be made aware that special conditions apply to the Code, which may also include conditions for your access to the Service. You hereby agree to abide by all such special terms, which will be deemed to form part of the Agreement between you and Albert.

Try on subscription

From time to time, we, or others on our behalf, may offer trial variants of the Payment Service for a certain period of time, without a requirement for payment or at a reduced price (a "Trial subscription"). The purpose of a Try-on subscription is for users to be able to test the Payment Service, or parts thereof, for a limited period in order to form an opinion about the Service. Albert reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to limit the Trial Subscriptions and to withdraw or change a Trial Subscription at any time without notice and without liability, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law.
For “Try-on subscriptions”, we will require you to provide your payment details to start the subscription. When the trial subscription expires, we may automatically charge you for the applicable paid subscription from the first day after the expiration date, on a recurring monthly basis, by providing your payment information for the subscription and you accept that we charge you this fee using the said payment details. If you do not want this fee, you must cancel the current paid subscription through your account's subscription page or close your account before the trial subscription expires, this can be done no earlier than 48 hours after the account is created. If you still do not want to be charged on a recurring monthly basis, you must cancel the current paid subscription through your account's subscription page or close your account before the current payment period ends. Termination can only be done by logging in to My Pages with the login information sent by email when registering an account, or afterwards by using Albert's customer support. Albert cannot guarantee or confirm termination only by emailing the customer, or sending the request via another channel.
Paid subscriptions cannot be cancelled before the end of the period for which you have already paid.


Intellectual property rights

The service and all intellectual property rights attributable to it belong to Albert and/or Albert's licensor. All rights not explicitly granted to Customer under the Agreement are reserved to Albert. The Agreement thus does not entail that any intellectual property right or part of such a right, in addition to the right of use specified in the Agreement, be transferred to the Customer. This also means that you have no right to analyse, investigate, modify, copy, distribute, sell or otherwise dispose of the Service in any other intellectual property manner, other than (i) what follows from this Agreement or mandatory applicable law, or (ii) if you have obtained Albert's prior written consent to such disposal.


Albert hereby grants you a non-exclusive right to use the Service during the term of the agreement (see clause 4 below regarding the term of the agreement) on the terms set out in this Agreement and with the rights and restrictions that result from you either activating the Payment Service or using the Free Service. The license is granted to a specific named person, or to a certain number of users, in accordance with what has been agreed in any separate subscription agreement or at the Customer's registration. The following conditions also apply to private individuals and legal entities, respectively:

A) Private person

Users with a private subscription have the right to use the Service for private use. Each user account is personal and may not be shared with others. Access to the Service is obtained when registration has been completed and the Terms have been accepted. The Service is considered delivered when the Customer gains access to the Service after registration has been completed and the Terms have been accepted.

B) Legal person

Users with a subscription through legal entities have the right to use the Service up to the number of users agreed upon when signing any subscription agreement. Customer is responsible to Albert to ensure its users comply with this Agreement. Access to the Service is obtained when registration has been completed, the Terms have been accepted and the necessary information for access to the Service has been received by a contact person appointed on behalf of the Customer via email. Necessary information for access to the Service is sent as soon as contact information has been provided by the Customer and these have been registered by Albert. The Service is considered delivered when information for access to the Service data has been sent to the Customer.

Use of the Service in the school

Content such as pedagogy, hints, tests, text, images and film material provided in the Service and produced by Albert may be used freely in schools, where the license per student and per teacher is based on the number of students and teachers at the beginning of the academic year or when an Agreement was entered into for the use of the Service. This allows teachers who are registered for the Service to print and copy material for the use in classes, and therefore it allows the students to use material from the Service in group work and reports for the school.

User content

You retain ownership and any intellectual property rights in any content you create within the Service and any feedback you provide to Albert ("User Content"), but by entering into this Agreement, you will however, grant a time-limited, non-exclusive license for Albert to use this User Content for the purpose of further developing and marketing the Service, including the right to modify the User Content and to sublicense it to third parties. You acknowledge and accept that this license remains even if the Agreement is terminated, regardless of the reason for the termination.


Contract period and termination without special reason

This Agreement is valid until terminated by either you or Albert. Both you and Albert have the rights to terminate the Agreement and your usage of the Service at any time and without special reason. Account subscription page or close your account before the current payment period ends. Termination can only be done by logging in to My Pages with the login information sent by email when registering an account, or afterwards by using Albert's customer support. Albert cannot guarantee or confirm cancellation when the request for cancellation is only sent as a customer email or via another channel.
If you use the Paid Service, this Agreement and your right to use the Service will terminate after your current payment subscription period expires. If you use the Free Service, this Agreement and your right to use the Service will terminate immediately.

Termination due to breach of contract

Albert has the right to terminate this Agreement with immediate effect if the Customer violates the Agreement in any material respect. You accept and acknowledge that you understand that you may be liable to compensate Albert for any damage that Albert suffers as a result of a breach of contract, e.g. if you have access to the Service in violation of the license terms in paragraph 3 above or enable others to gain unauthorised access to the Service.

Temporary suspension of the Service

Albert may temporarily restrict or suspend your access to the Service from time to time. This may be due to Albert carrying out maintenance work on the Service. Albert also has the right to block your access to the Service if you have used the Service, its content or Albert's intellectual property rights in violation of these Terms, or that you have otherwise breached the Agreement, or if Albert has reasonable cause to suspect this. If you do not pay your subscription fee on time, Albert also has the right to block your access to the Paid Service, or replace it with the Free Service, until the payment has been made.

No compensation

If you or Albert terminates the Agreement, or if Albert terminates your access to the Service as described above, you accept that Albert, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, has no liability or obligation to you and that Albert will not refund any amounts you have already paid, except in the cases specified in point 2.2 above.

More information about termination

For more information on how to cancel your account for the Service, please contact us via our customer service at support@hialbert.co.uk.

Subscriptions are cancelled only through My Pages. If you as a customer do not have login information, these can be requested by email support@hialbert.co.uk . Albert’s Customer Support does not manually manage subscription terminations. Termination can only be done by logging into My Pages with respective credentials that were sent by an e-mail when registering an account, or afterwards by Albert's customer support. Note: an account with an associated subscription is not terminated only by sending such a request via email or other channel.


According to the Act (SFS 2005: 59) on distance contracts and off-premises contracts (the Distance Contracts Act), if you are a consumer, you have the right of withdrawal within 14 days after the day when the subscription agreement was concluded. If the Customer wishes to withdraw within this time frame, the Customer can terminate his subscription under My Profile and Payments.


Without Albert's consent, the Customer does not have the right to lease or transfer his rights or obligations under the Agreement. Albert has the right to transfer the Agreements or any part of them and Albert has the right to delegate some or all of his obligations under the Agreements. You may not transfer the Agreements or any part of them, nor transfer or sublicense your rights under the Agreement to any third party.


The Customer may not use the Service in violation of the Agreement or in violation of applicable laws and regulations.
The Customer undertakes not to disclose usernames and passwords for any unauthorised persons and to ensure that documents such as usernames and passwords for the Service are stored in such a way that unauthorized persons cannot gain access to them. The Customer will promptly notify Albert if it is feared that unauthorised access to Customer's account may have been obtained. In cases where Albert can establish that the Customer's username and password are being misused, Albert also has the right to assign the Customer a new username and password.


Albert provides support on the Service over email, and we always try to respond within 48 hours, although we cannot always guarantee that you will receive a response within this time. Support is via support@hialbert.co.uk . Albert’s support does not manually unsubscribe users, but of course provides instructions and guidance. Closing can only be done via My Pages. If you do not have login information, these should be requested via support@hialbert.co.uk .


Messages from Albert to the Customer sent to the e-mail address specified by the Customer and/or to the Customer's specified mobile phone number shall be deemed to have reached the Customer one day after the message was sent. It is your duty to notify Albert if you are changing contact information and Albert has the right to trust that the contact information you have registered with Albert at any time is correct.


Albert warrants the right to grant a license to the Service under these Terms.
Albert is not responsible for any errors and omissions in the content of the Service or in its availability and you confirm that you understand that no software or digital service is completely error-free and that bugs may occur in the Service. Albert is also not liable for any damages, whether direct or indirect, that are caused by the use of the Service, including any damage caused by the unauthorised use of the Service, e.g. when the Service is temporarily down or disturbed.


Albert reserves the right to change the Terms from time to time. Notice of change will be notified on the Service's website no later than 14 days before the change takes effect, and may be notified to the Customer via specified contact information to the specified address within the same time frame. Changes are binding on the Customer unless the change can reasonably be considered to cause significant inconvenience to the Customer and the latter notifies Albert of the immediate termination of the forthcoming change within 7 days of receiving notice of an upcoming change. The agreement then ceases to apply as soon as Albert has been notified of termination.


Disputes arising from this agreement between Albert and the Customer shall be settled by a Swedish general court in application of Swedish law.

If you are a consumer and have views or complaints about the Service, you can also turn to Citizens Advice. You can find more information about Citizens Advice at www.citizensadvice.org.uk. You can also contact Citizen Advice through the contact information below: https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/about-us/contact-us/contact-us/contact-us/

Citizen Advice
Postal address: Citizens Advice, 3rd Floor North, 200 Aldersgate, London, EC1A 4HD
Adviceline (England): 0800 144 8848

Advicelink (Wales): 0800 702 2020


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