5 concrete tips on how to think about screen time

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How do you perceive the expression “screen time”? For many, it has a negative connotation, and is associated with bad habits or conflicts around restrictions that are rarely kept to. Your children strive to sit more and more in front of a screen, while you, as a parent, want to cut down on use. It's important to see that there are differences between screen time and screen time, where research shows that educational interactive apps and early training in mathematics, for example, has positive effects on children’s learning. 


Guidelines for screen time

To help both parents and professionals, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Swedish Paediatric Society have developed guidelines that recommend a regulated use of screen time. These guidelines are based on the fact that several research reviews show that too much time devoted to sedentary digital media is linked to a number of health risks such as overweight, nearsightedness and poorer sleep quality. The guidelines also include advice such as not letting screen time affect or prevent other important activities such as physical activity, sleep, and social time with the family. 


The difference between screen times

The research and guidelines emphasize the importance of not allowing screen time to interfere with these important activities. At the same time, just like Albert, it is stressed that educational screen time can benefit the child’s cognitive development*. With Albert, your child will have both an educational experience and a fun time, and gain a good start in the school subjects of mathematics, programming and English. Albert is a great option when your child wants to spend time in front of a screen. 


Here are 5 tips on how you and your family can think about screen time and make it more rewarding: 


  • Create a routine that works for your family. 

Using Albert for shorter sessions a few times a week is better than long-term use. This is because the activities in the app train your child’s abilities in mathematics, English and Swedish. Perhaps a short while after breakfast, while dinner is being prepared or when your child comes home after an evening activity would be the best time to use Albert? The time just before bedtime is better for reading a book together or doing something else relaxing. 


  • See screen time as an opportunity for time together.

Give this educational screen time another boost by sitting down with your child and playing. Being together promotes the learning and commitment of the child as you, as parent, can be a role model and show that mathematics and language are important. You're also there to help and encourage when things go well!


  • Have a balanced perspective on digital and analogue.

One need not exclude the other, so please use the app in combination with analogue aids. Do tasks in the math book or count in everyday situations, and supplement this with Albert’s apps. Do this regularly and learning will be both fun and effective!


  • Educational screen time after physical activity. 

A moment with Albert, after physical activity, can actually be beneficial! This is partly because concentration is increased for 30 minutes after physical activity, but also because your child will likely be calmer. 


  • Fun and educational outside of school. 

In the app, your child, dressed like an astronaut, gets to do exercises in an adventure-filled world and at the same time gets to know several fun characters! Through storytelling and colour, form and sound, learning becomes easier. Through Albert, your family has access to exercises designed by educators to be used at home as well as on the move. 


Would you like to read more? Read the current guidelines at both the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Swedish Paediatric Society.

* Adams, C., Kubin, L., & Humphrey, J. (2023). Screen technology exposure and infant cognitive development: A scoping review. Journal of paediatric nursing, 69, e97-e104.  https://doi.org/10.1016/j.pedn.2022.12.013

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