Enjoy a fun and educational half-term break

1 min

Are you going on a road-trip this half-term and looking for something to do in the car? Or maybe you’re planning a quiet break at home? No matter what’s on the cards, Albert will be glad to keep you company with hours of fun and learning – right from your mobile phone or tablet!

There are many good reasons to use Albert over the half-term break. Here are just a few:

More entertaining car trips or train journeys

Albert is a great activity when you’re on the go. Enjoy a more pleasant atmosphere and discover a great way to put in the time!

Practise at your own pace

Seize the chance to practise at your own speed, without all the stress and distractions of everyday life.

Pass the time at home

Sick days, bad weather and cancelled plans … say goodbye to boring days at home and keep busy with Albert’s fun exercises.

Positive screen time

Swap the scrolling and video games for educational exercises and get more out of screen time.

Psst! Did you know that we offer fun exercises within a range of different subjects?

Get started today!