“I want them to think that maths is fun”

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Rikard is one of many parents who finds it tough to get his kids enthusiastic about studying maths at home. But now he has found a method that works, both for his youngest daughter Lycke and his eldest daughter Stella.

“They talked a little bit about digital aids at school and I thought there simply must be a good app or programme out there that they can use to practise maths at home,” says Rikard.

He decided to try our digital maths helper and after just two weeks he was already starting to notice a difference, especially in six-year-old Lycke.

“Even though we hadn’t been using Albert for very long, I think there has already been an improvement. Before, Lycke couldn’t do much more than count to ten but now she has started counting in tens.”

Game-inspired experience

Albert Junior is a fun and educational maths service for kids aged between three and nine. Using educational exercises and engaging game elements, it sparks curiosity and helps children to develop their maths skills.

“The best thing about Albert Junior is the set-up of the app. Everything is neat and orderly, with a good overview and it is very child-friendly.”

The family has started using Albert Junior as a way to create some positive screen time together. There are lots of games which are appealing to play and good at holding attention. With Albert, Rikard can rest assured that the time his kids spend in front of their screens is enriching and educational, at the same time as it feels like a game.

“Lycke enjoys collecting the diamonds that fall down, it’s a kind of reward for her.”

Valuable learning

Up until now, Rikard’s kids have had a fairly neutral attitude towards maths, but he is nonetheless worried that they will develop a negative relationship with the subject further down the line. That’s why he’s so keen to create fun learning moments together with his children from an early age.

“My tip for other parents would be to sit together with your kids when they’re working on their maths. That way you can do the reasoning together and lend a hand when needed. It’s actually nice for the parents, too, so I definitely think it’s worth making the time for.”

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