More time at home led to unexpected maths skills

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Due to the pandemic, many children are spending much more time at home than before. Albert's digital maths assistance can be a creative pursuit. Benjamin hasn't started school yet, but already solves maths numbers continuously.

The school days have been different for most people and it still looks like it will be some time before everything is normal again.

- Due to the pandemic, we see that the need for maths assistance is great. We therefore offer Albert free of charge to all new members, says Nicolas Rivetto, marketing manager at Albert.

Albert is a digital maths service that adapts the degree of difficulty to the child.

One who has used the app extensively recently is 5-year old Benjamin Sira. Benjamin will start school next year and even though he can't read yet, he is already solving maths problems.

- Albert is very well created. You enter the child's age and the tasks are then adjusted accordingly. When the children get better and develop a greater understanding, the degree of difficulty increases, says mum Miriam Stang Sando.

The family heard about the Albert app through other parents who had downloaded the app for their children.

- Other families spoke well about the app, so I thought ""we have to try this"", says Miriam Stang Sando.

Adapts to the child's needs

The vision is for Albert to be the world's best digital maths teacher, says Salman Eskarandi, one of the founders behind Albert.

- Albert is developed by educators, teachers and researchers, where everyone has had the goal of teaching children maths in a smart, fun and educational way.

Benjamin's parents say that they downloaded the app to Benjamin's tablet, something that makes Benjamin experience the activity as play and fun, when in fact he is doing maths.

- I think the children get a completely different understanding of mathematics than what I had during my schooling. Much because of the educational part. In addition, it is easier as a parent to be involved and explain or help when he has a visual tool in front of him, says Miriam.

Benjamin himself thinks that it is fun with different figures. Right now, kilos and weight are the favourite.

- Sometimes it's a little difficult, but it's fun that I get many answers correct, he says.

We offer thousands of tasks and animated films that help children understand mathematics. Each task is adapted to age and level of knowledge.

Want to help as many as possible

Dad Mario Sira was a little skeptical at first about introducing more screen time, but quickly realized that this was different.

- We see which tasks Benjamin likes best and that Albert adapts accordingly. Learning things this way is something I am very supportive of, says Mario.

Benjamin uses Albert four to five times a week. The parents help the son to push a function in the app that is especially practical for children who haven't learned to read yet.

- When he uses the app himself, he just presses the speaker symbol so that the questions are read out, the parents say.

- Since day one, the goal with Albert has been to help as many students as possible. We believe it is important to arouse interest in mathematics at an early age, Salman Eskarandi concludes.

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