“Professional, educational and well considered”

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Sarah and her three-year-old daughter Lovisa have discovered a way to learn. Thanks to the new service they have discovered, they can forget all about boring games and apps.

For Sarah, a fundamental understanding of numbers is important, and that’s why she wants to give her daughter the best possible chances by introducing maths at an early age.

“We’ve tried several different educational games but this one is without a doubt the one that feels most professional,” she says.

Albert Junior is a digital maths service which was developed to spark curiosity and teach maths in an engaging and educational way. In the app, kids can unlock different levels and they are both challenged by exercises which gradually become more difficult and rewarded through positive reinforcement.

“Because the exercises are designed like a game, it’s easy to sell it to Lovisa as a fun playtime activity. For her, it doesn’t feel at all like we’re studying.”

Quality screentime

Recently there has been a lot of time spent at home as a family, and so a maths app makes for a great activity to keep us all busy, thinks Sarah. With Albert, her daughter can get something valuable out of the time she spends in front of the screen.

“Albert gives Lovisa positive screentime when she uses the tablet, rather than just meaningless scrolling.”

All kids between three and nine can use the service and get started based on their own skills or year at school. Because Albert Junior is an app for phones and tablets, it is readily available and easy to use wherever you are, whenever you like.

Lay a foundation for the future

Giving your child a chance to familiarise themself with maths from an early age has several advantages. It helps your kid to develop their logical reasoning and their ability to solve problems. What’s more, it reduces the risk of maths anxiety, which is something that many kids struggle with as they progress through their schooling.

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