The twins learned maths early on - "Don't want to limit the children"

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The Hauge Grøseth family is perhaps more interested in technology than the average family. That the 5-year old twins Linus and Leo have been hooked by Albert, dad Magnar thinks is great.

Magnar Alain Hauge has a degree in business administration and spends a large part of his time on the latest trends in technology. His partner Camilla works as a teacher, and the couple both think that mathematics and learning are exciting. This autumn, the 5-year old twins Linus and Leo Ree Hauge will start school. When the parents were looking for a maths game that could get the kids interested in maths, they found Albert.

- Albert is gamification in its essence. You take the subject of mathematics and turn it into a game. That makes it much more fun, says Magnar.

Magnar sees how most things can be turned into play and fun.

- I long for the declaration to become a game, he says.

Magnar praises the way Albert is created - a mix of pedagogy, technology and learning.

- Our vision is for Albert to be the world's best digital maths teacher. Albert is developed by experienced educators, teachers and researchers, all with the goal of teaching mathematics to children in a smart, fun and educational way, says Salman Eskarandi, one of the founders of Albert.

- Due to the pandemic, we see that the need for help with maths is great. We therefore offer Albert free of charge to all new users, says Nicolas Rivetto, marketing manager at Albert.

Don't want to hold back the children

Since mum Camilla is passionate about teaching maths, she was the first to download and try out Albert. Then the boys got the app on their tablets.

- Linus got hooked very quickly and came to us and asked if he could ""play maths"". That's how it started, after that he just kept going.

Linus can now do plus and minus in his head. The five-year-olds think it is great fun when you get maths trophies.

- It's great fun to play and get a prize! It's fun when we can handle the tasks, the twins say.

Dad Magnar has a background in French school and he is clear on one thing:

- I don't set any limits for the children. They are developing and have an interest in the app. I don't think ""I have to hold back now otherwise they will get bored at school"". And if that should happen, you can talk to the teachers so that they get more tasks. Or we adults give them tasks at home, he says.

Smart function for the youngest

Linus and Leo have not learned to read, but Albert has solved it through voice control. You just tap an audio icon and the task is read to you.

- They push the button as soon as there is something they don't understand, says Magnar.

- I think Albert is an ingenious tool for teaching maths. The alternative is to sit with them and write everything on a piece of paper. I really understand that they find it more fun to learn maths in this way, he says.

Albert responds right away if you have completed a task. Something that children appreciate.

- You see the joy and pride when they complete something. Albert is the best of both worlds - using technology and games to learn something you need throughout life, says Magnar.

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