“They feel motivated to continue learning.”

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Maths doesn’t need to feel tough or boring. With the right methods and a bit of encouragement, you can give your kid a positive attitude to the subject and the motivation to learn more. Sara’s children, Arian (7) and Amina (5), tried out our maths helper for a month and she has already noticed a difference.

Sara’s children, Arian (7) and Amina (5), tried out our maths helper for a month and she has already noticed a difference.

“Amina has learned a lot in this short time. She has got better at reading the clock and at addition and subtraction. This maths app has really helped us to progress.”

What’s more, the kids have learned how to work together. Big brother Arian gladly helps when there is something Amina doesn’t understand and he feels really proud when he is able to explain things to his little sister.

Positive screentime makes a difference

Albert Junior is a digital game which makes maths both funner and simpler for kids to learn. Sara’s kids often take the initiative to count things and they get excited about playing Albert.

“In a society which is becoming more and more digital, kids mostly just love sitting on their phones or tablets. So it feels good if they are learning something at the same time as they spend time in front of a screen. I think it’s a fun way for kids to learn.”

Maths in everyday life

Sara also tends to find ways to introduce maths into everyday life and thinks that other parents should do the same. It’s a good way to have fun with maths and to show the kids how they can make use of the skills they learn in the app.

“Take the chance to practise when doing things like fixing a snack, for example. If you’re cutting an apple into slices, you can ask ‘how many slices have you got now?’ and ‘if you gobble one up, how many will you have left?’”.

Adapted for kids of all ages

Albert Junior is adapted for kids aged between three and nine and makes it possible to learn maths in a way that feels like a game.

“A huge plus is that the content follows the national curriculum. It feels great for them to be using an app which I know is teaching them something useful as well!”

The app will soon be launched for kids aged between ten and sixteen as well. They will be able to set personal goals and access animated lessons that makes maths easier to understand. So keep your eyes peeled!

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