Why do we need maths?

2 min

A lot of people feel like most of the maths we learned at school never really benefited us in our later lives. One of the reasons people feel this way is probably that we are failing to properly explain the benefits of maths to kids at school.

If, as a parent, you feel that the maths your kids are learning is not all that useful, then this can make it difficult to motivate your kids to practise. That’s why we thought we’d take a minute to remind you about all the positives that maths brings!

Brain training

Maths is great brain training and helps us get better at problem solving, analysing, using logic and more. In other words, kids who do maths develop skills that will benefit them in the future no matter what career path they go down.

Better memory

Maths improves our working memory and helps memorisation in other contexts like when learning languages, or in reading comprehension and problem solving.

More creativity

Doing maths and discovering creative solutions to problems can lead to new ideas and lay the foundation for innovative thinking.

An easier everyday life

We all need to count and do simple maths every day in order to do things like manage our finances – which includes everything from adding up figures in the grocery store to calculating the interest on a loan.

More job opportunities

Many jobs require good maths skills – for example, carpenters, systems developers, pharmacists, economists and entrepreneurs. A good basis in maths will make it easier for your kid to master advanced maths further down the line.

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