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With Albert Teen, maths becomes both more fun and easier for children to learn. Regardless of whether your child wants to improve their grade or prepare for high school, Albert is at your service - anytime, anywhere. The app is available for mobile.

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  • From 10–16 years

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  • English

  • Follows the curriculum

  • Animated lessons

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Get it explained

For each mathematical area, there is an explanatory video that goes through rules, calculation methods and examples in an educational way. In addition, there is a function that provides tips if your child gets stuck on a task.

Gather valuable knowledge at your own pace

The content is based on extensive research and has been developed by teachers and education experts. Your child can start at a level that is right for them and choose the exact areas they need to practice.

Boost your confidence by collecting medals

A reward helps to maintain motivation and strengthen self-confidence. For this reason, your child will receive positive feedback in the form of medals when they have challenged their skills and completed a task in the app.